Walid Ben Mansour PhD Geophysics


Structural seismologist-Geophysicist
Post-doctoral Research Associate working on multi-observable probabilistic tomography for different targets (mining, seismic hazard).



Current projects

Physical state and thermochemical structure: Antarctica (2020-present)

Patagonian slab window (2020-present)

Plume interaction and spreading ridge: Galapagos archipelagos (2018-2021)

Completed Projects

Multi-observables thermochemical tomography of Central and southern Africa (2018-2021)

Seismic study of the crust beneath the Northern Scandinavian mountains (2012-2017)

Research grants

** 07/2022-06/2024: Thermal and Compositional Structure of Antarctica from Probabilistic Joint Inversion of Seismic, Gravity, and Topography Data and Petrological Modelling (National Science Foundation- Office Polar Program): $191,601.

Selected Publications

[1] Ben Mansour, W., Wiens, D.A., Mark, H.F., Russo, R. M., Richter, A., Marderwald, E., Barrientos, S. Mantle flow pattern associated with the Patagonian slab window determined from azimuthal anisotropy [Preprint version on EarthArXiv].

[2] Mark, H. F., Wiens, D. A., Ivins, E. R., Richter, A., Ben Mansour, W., Magnani, M. B. , Marderwald, E., Adaros, R., Barrientos, S (2022). Lithospheric erosion in the Patagonian slab window, and implications for glacial, Geophysical Research Letters [**].

[3] Afonso, J. C., Ben Mansour, W. , O’Reilly, S Y, Griffin, W L, Salajeghegh, F, Foley, S, Begg, G, Selway, K, Macdonald, A, Januszczak, N, Fomin, I, Nyblade A A, Yang, Y.. Thermochemical structure and evolution of cratonic lithosphere in Central and South Africa , Nature Geoscience [**].

[4] Ben Mansour, W. , England, R. W., Moorkamp, M., Kohler A., Fishwick, S. NScandiCrust: new crustal model of the northern Scandinavia mountains from ambient seismic noise and receiver function analysis (Journal of Geophysical Research, working on revisions).

[5] Ben Mansour, W., England, R. W., Fishwick, S., Moorkamp, M. (2018). Crustal properties of the northern Scandinavian mountains and Fennoscandian shield from analysis of teleseismic receiver functions, Geophysical Journal International, 214,1, 386–401,doi: 10.1093/gji/ggy140 [**].


New mapping technology to discover Earth’s resources by K. W. Wesselink, University of Twente [June 3rd 2022].

Geoscientists to study structure and properties of Antarctic lithosphere by Talia Ogliore, Washington University in Saint Louis [June 24th 2022].


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